Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Rest of Halloween photos

I forgot to post pictures of the kids. I got the younger 3 before they headed out but Kelsey had gone to a friends after school so I didn't see her until we met up at the church and although I brought the camera I didn't get pictures. However she was a vampire... a pretty one lol.

I don't know why it looks like he has attitude. Jon was a prisoner. He even had the board with the prison number he just wasn't wearing it. He added the Napoleon Hair for fun.
This was the costume that almost wasn't. Alison was the Corpse Bride and it took forever to find the costume in her size and after paying extra for quick shipping it didn't show. It took lots of phone calls to DHL to get them to find it and get it to our house 2 hours before it was time to go. Good Times!
Joshua was a Clone Trooper. I told the kids to bring pillow cases to pack their candy (I'm old school) Josh grabbed his transformer pillow case and was not going to trade it out for a plain one. Oh well. It was dark and I am sure no one noticed.

After we took back in our body parts from the yard, Alison decided they needed to be dressed and put together. These are her clothes and display. She was actually trying to make it look like the evil two headed baby ate the guy but she couldn't get the doll to sit right for the photo. She makes her father proud!

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Rachel said...

So cute, don't you love those last minute package problems? We actually had to go out shopping late Christmas eve because our big toy purchases hadn't come one year!!