Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Many of you know that Jennifer has Breast Cancer. Well it had spread and doctors found another lump in her left breast. Monday she went in for a lumpectomy. The doctors did a quick ultrasound to double check location. They found NOTHING on her left breast. The did the test several more times to check and it was all gone! AND the lump on her right side shrunk!!! Her doctors have her scheduled to come back in a month to remove the lump on the right side. This was amazing news! We are so thankful that her cancer was discovered early to begin with and her proactive doctors. I am always and forever thankful for the power of prayer and fasting.

I am also thankful for the most obnoxious and stubborn sister ever who refuses to give in to anything! Love you Jen!!


Jenn said...

you know how the chuck Norris jokes are the new thing, well we have a new one: I got a blood transfusion, it was Chuck Norris' blood, it round houe kicked the cancer out.... lol

Timani said...

Wow, that is amazing! What a blessing.

Rachel said...

oh wow, that is so wonderful. Dave & I were thinking about her on Monday after getting your dad's email. I am so happy for your whole family!