Friday, September 26, 2008

Smooth Talker

The phone just rang and it was a girl for Jon. He answers the phone with hello. oh hey. what do you want. uh huh. what? I don't know. ok. bye.
Yeah my son is a smooth talker lol.

A Great Day

It's only 7:30 in the morning and already I know it's going to be a great day! First of all it's sun shiny! Always a great start. Plus after volunteering first thing this morning I will have nothing NOTHING for the rest of the day! Finally after a week of non stop sports and appointments and school I have absolutely nothing to do. I think Joe and I will go out tonight. Yes! An evening out of the house with my hubby. It will be a nice break before the chaos starts again. Saturday is soccer, football, festival at the park, and General Relief Society Conference with a dinner before. It's fun but I like to not be busy.

But the best part...
the reason I just KNOW it's going to be a great day
is that ....
USC LOST!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you Oregon State!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I just wanted to blog about Michelle and let her know how grateful I am to her for being Tyler's wife and therefore being apart of our crazy family. Also for making such cute little people for me to love so!

Oh one more thing...

I want to show you all just how crafty she is. She can do things with crochet needles that my grandma would be proud of! She makes the CUTEST baby hats.

A little plug (because she's family and my blog) Michelle sells these on Etsy. So if you are in the market for a baby gift please think of her.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


So not much is going on here and I thought if I don't post soon people will lose interest in me and I won't be cool anymore haha. I decided that I would spotlight people from my blog list. Today I will do my sweet beautiful smart clever sister Jennifer!

BAM! What now! I think this photo is GREAT!!! She makes me look so good hahaha!

I have obviously known Jennifer a very long time. We have been close since we were very small. I always thought she was so cute and fun. I think my mom has a photo somewhere where I am trying to rip her arms off. Also a classic.

When we were teenagers we took turns with our brothers getting our own rooms and it used to drive me nuts to share with Jennifer! That girl was MESSY!!! You wouldn't know it now since she is OCD about cleanliness. But when were were younger she didn't clean so one day I threw all of her stuff outside the front door. Good Times!

What's with the socks?

Jennifer is the best. She has always been there for me. Even taking my cute baby Kelsey to let me sleep or run errands when Joe was at Basic Training and Tech school. It was hard having Joe gone but Jennifer really helped me out. She still does. We haven't lived anywhere near each other in 13 years but we spend hours on the phone laughing so hard I cry. We have some memories for sure. Many are not for public knowledge, some are not for mom knowledge. Ask her and you might get something good. Jen is a great story teller but if it's about me.... she is a liar!

Love you Jen!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Holy Gas Prices!

I was holding off buying gas in hopes it would go down but it didn't. In fact it went from $3.69 to $3.89 in a day. I thought wow I need gas soon. Next day I was at the school and a teacher said it was $3.99. Crap! So I sent Joe to put gas in the car while he was running Jon around to Scout campout/soccer. He told me it was $4.19 WHAT!! So then he hears that it's supposed to top $5 and they are going to limit it. He goes to get gas for his truck and it's $4.80!!!!!!!!
Wanted to add a little follow up. As of today Tuesday the 16th gas is at $4.09 so hopefully things will get better soon. I was really enjoying gas being lower after this summer and traveling!

Friday, September 12, 2008

90 and Skinny

So I am volunteering at the elementary school for Library and Computers. Yesterday I had the 1st graders in Library. So cute! They were all staring at me and commenting how tall I was to each other. Granted I was standing and I was wearing a boot with a heel. So I was taller. Then when I sat down to read this was the conversations:

little boy: "Wow you must be 90!"
me: "90? Years old?"
little boy: "Yes because you are so big!"
little girl: " Yes but she is so skinny!"
As you can see the little girl was clearly my favorite. Thinking about having her follow me around making such incredibly accurate comments lol.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Cardinals Baseball and Dancing

Alison had the chance to dance before the Cardinals game on Saturday. She was so excited and not the least bit nervous! The only downside was the crappy seats they gave the parents. It was like hey pay a ton of money and sit no where near your kid to take pictures ha ha. We were spoiled all season with excellent seats a friend hooked us up with. Jon didn't mind and Josh and Alison had never been before so they thought the whole experience was cool. Kelsey was too cool for school so she stayed home and Jon brought his friend Trevor as our replacement kid. Over all it was fun to hang out as a family and Alison had a blast. Plus the cherry on top was that the Cards won! I'll post better pictures of Alison later.

Alison is blue shorts hands on head. Before the dance started.

Nose bleeds

Alison and Jon

Josh and Joe

Saturday, September 6, 2008


I am the big 33! I actually like being in my 30's. I don't feel "old". In fact I feel pretty darn good. Thanks to all my well wishers. I really appreciated the cards, emails, phone calls etc. I had a great day!!