Sunday, September 7, 2008

Cardinals Baseball and Dancing

Alison had the chance to dance before the Cardinals game on Saturday. She was so excited and not the least bit nervous! The only downside was the crappy seats they gave the parents. It was like hey pay a ton of money and sit no where near your kid to take pictures ha ha. We were spoiled all season with excellent seats a friend hooked us up with. Jon didn't mind and Josh and Alison had never been before so they thought the whole experience was cool. Kelsey was too cool for school so she stayed home and Jon brought his friend Trevor as our replacement kid. Over all it was fun to hang out as a family and Alison had a blast. Plus the cherry on top was that the Cards won! I'll post better pictures of Alison later.

Alison is blue shorts hands on head. Before the dance started.

Nose bleeds

Alison and Jon

Josh and Joe

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Rachel Keller said...

Is she in a dance class or with school? It looks fun!