Saturday, August 29, 2009


So barring any unseen complications we will be in our new house middle of September. It's not my dream house but my needs were so specific. I wanted to stay in our general neighborhood. I didn't want our house payments to be more than our rent. We wanted a basement and 5 bedrooms. Our realtor kept showing us really small or way!! When this house popped up we jumped! It's 5 bedrooms same schools same ward and the living room in completely separate from the family room (our house currently is side by side). I will be giving up space like my giant bedroom and walk in closet and my fancy garden tub and separate shower. Also my kitchen will be smaller. But... the new house is sooo much closer to the elementary school and it will be ours. We are excited.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Camera is Missing

I need to update this blog but I feel I need pictures to go with the things we have done. However, the camera is missing so no pictures have even been taken. I will fill you in and you have to just imagine us doing these things!

Cheap Trick, Poison , Def Leppard
Totally went to this concert! We had AMAZING seats. You could see the sweat dripping off them as they played. Hands down best thing we did all summer. It was just Joe and I and it made up for the Def Leppard concert I had tickets for but didn't get to go to in 93 (stupid boy). I know I will be hated but my favorite band that night was Poison.
Six Flags
We did this for 2 days. This was really just for Jon and Alison. Seriously, I have said it before but those two ,and really moslty Alison, could live at a theme park. I NEVER saw them. I'd get a text asking where I was just so they could get a drink or eat. The first day I went with Kelsey and Josh on a water ride but because it started raining we never did dry off. I hated it. The next day I traded Kelsey for Joe and he was able to get Josh on rides. Plus Joe had the camera on his phone so we have a few photos of Josh. I'll get those from him later.
Harry Potter
Joe took the kids. I hate Harry Potter. I know I know. I tried. I can't do it.
So my cousin Becky came into town just over night. It was so much fun catching up and chatting til 2am. We went to the Cardinals Dodgers game that lasted 15 innings. We got our monies worth that's for sure. I took Jon and Alison.. We had a blast! I have a photo on my phone but I am not so much good with technology lol. Ask the kids.