Sunday, August 24, 2008

Just Because

I just adore them!

Bye, Bye Bejing! Next Stop London

Well I for one will miss the Olympics. I live for the stories. The underdog coming through in the last minute. The countries who have never medaled finally bringing one home (like the taekwondo athlete from Afghanistan). Of course I want the US to have the most medals and jump and cheer when we win.

Michael Phelps was too fun. We would gather around the tv to watch him swim. Cheering him or his team on. I always like the swimming events but this year we really got into them all. Women and men's. We look forward to seeing him and all the other athletes in 2012.

Friday, August 15, 2008

First Days of School

They have been a little bit rocky. Last year we moved in 3 weeks after school started. All the kinks had been worked out. Schedules established bus routes honed to perfection. This year has been a nightmare! Buses don't come, they pick up late, they drop off late and in the wrong places. Or my new favorite was yesterday Kelsey wanted off the bus and the bus driver said it wasn't her stop so she couldn't get off. Kelsey told her she was going to a friends and apparently that was ok. It's been very frustrating. But all through these last 3 days I am so thankful for cell phones. The kids and I have used them a lot lately.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Six Flags

Joe took Monday off and we went to Six Flags all day. It was a nice little break and a fun way to kick off school which starts Wednesday. Joe and the kids (minus Kelsey) love rides. They could go all day and they did. Kelsey and I are more stay on the ground don't die sort of people. Kelsey went on a few rides with Josh and did Go Carts with Joe. We all did the water rapids. So funny. We got soaked! I sucked at taking photos sorry!

Kelsey and Joe driving

The video is of the Superman. Joe and the kids were on the far right so I couldn't get a good shot of their faces but they said it was pretty freaky.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Under Arrest

Well not quite. A policeman did show up at my door this evening though. I went to the school after church to check who the kids' teachers were going to be. When we got all done with the who's in my class excitement I peaked into the recycling bin to see if there were any coupons on top. Yes I like coupons. I didn't dive I didn't even dig but I did look. I saw nothing and left. I guess someone saw got my licence plate and called the police. Apparently it's illegal. Lesson learned. Good times. Sorry no pictures with this one but at least the cop was nice. Plus everytime there is a story involving me and the law Jennifer gets a good laugh.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


My mom was here for a few days and I wanted to do something fun. We went swimming a couple times but mostly the kids just played games with grandma. It's their favorite thing to do when she comes. Anyway, we wanted to go to the Zoo and fiigured if we got out of the house early enough we could miss the heat. WRONG!!! Oh man was it hot. As we pulled out of the driveway the dj on the radio announced that there was a heat warning for the day and with humidity it would feel like 110. Nice. So armed with lots of water we headed to the zoo.
These are some ways we stayed cool

We made sure we found places in the shade.

We saw the Sealion Show. Afterward the staff turned the hoses on and sprayed guests as they left.

We spent time inside the Primate House. (Alison's hair shows the hosed down look)

And lastly we spent a long while visiting with the penguins and the puffins. Their habitat was freezing and it felt sooo good!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Mini Vacation

We made it to WA. It was a last minute decision. Gas prices were so high and I had decided that I was going to take the kids to TX to see Tyler's family. Joe changed his, mine and the kids' minds and we decided what the heck. We had to bring our dogs (kennels were full) and for the most part we spent it at Jen's because she's Jennifer and she's bossy. Kidding. For those of you who didn't know, Jen had a hystorectomy and she has Breast Cancer and it was just nice to be there and let the cousins play. We were only around 2 weeks and 5 of those days were driving to and from. Yuck! The last day we were in town went and had pictures taken of the grandkids. It took a while but everyone had their eye's open and Kai wasn't screaming lol. I am thankful Jen let us take over her house. We are glad we went "home" and got to see even the few people we did! Below are some of the other things we did.

First we saw Heidi. I love Heidi and she made the first part of the trip (when Jen was in Vegas) bearable. We played with Nyssa who is adorable. We went swimming and to the park and just chatted at her house. We even went to church in her brother's (Shawn Sant) ward (also Aaron Kellers ward but they were out of town).

Jen got back from Vegas so we met up at Taco Bell in Pasco. I know... big spenders high class!

The kids spent the time playing war with the playing cards Jen bought for each of them and trying to convice us to let them go back to Jennifers. They won.

The next day was July 4th. And Jon and Alison were still at Jen's so I only had Kelsey and Josh at Columbia Park.

When we go home we always go there for Fireworks. Joe's family goes early and everyone comes and brings food. I love being by the river! Kelsey and I hung out most of the day. We did some shopping at the booths and some people watching. There were some bands playing so we checked those out too. It was fun until the fireworks actually started. They launched them not from the barge they have had since I was small but from the boat launch at the side of the park so no one could see the fireworks. LAME. We gave up and walked back to the car where magically you could see them clearly. Not funny.

We went to Howard Amon in Richland to meet up with some of Joe's friends/family and they rented a segway and Jon stole most of the time. He had a blast. The rest of the kids hung out in the river. By the way the photos are supposed to be side by side. I still struggle haha.

The last week was all Jennifers. I loved it. The dogs loved it and the kids I never saw. Alison and Jonothon went with Maycie and Isaac all week to their dance camp. We would go swimming or play games. There was shopping at one point. It was just nice to sit and veg.