Friday, August 15, 2008

First Days of School

They have been a little bit rocky. Last year we moved in 3 weeks after school started. All the kinks had been worked out. Schedules established bus routes honed to perfection. This year has been a nightmare! Buses don't come, they pick up late, they drop off late and in the wrong places. Or my new favorite was yesterday Kelsey wanted off the bus and the bus driver said it wasn't her stop so she couldn't get off. Kelsey told her she was going to a friends and apparently that was ok. It's been very frustrating. But all through these last 3 days I am so thankful for cell phones. The kids and I have used them a lot lately.


Rachel Keller said...

What a nightmare! DO I need to invest in a cell ph one for my kids??

Lewis Family said...
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