Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bahamas Baby!

Something to remember on a trip like this. Camera. Oh I brought it but after we moved into the house it was never plugged in to charge and me being the true blonde I am I didn't bring the charger on the trip. I brought the cable but not the charger. So this trip will be brought to you via camera phone photos.
Friday morning we started driving. It was 40 degrees. Come on Florida! We stayed the night in Georgia and got to Jacksonville around noon.

Carnival Fascination

Kelsey waiting on the Lido deck for our rooms to be ready.

Good bye Florida!

First full day and Alison got sick. A little sea sick but she had a fever too. Thank goodness for room service. Alison never had to leave the room plus there were movies on the tv to keep her company. Luckily it ended the next morning.


Fort Fincastle

Queens Staircase

The Caves

Anna Nicole Smith's grave stone and her son Daniel. Our crazy driver thought we'd want to see. Ah what the heck!

Atlantis Hotel. They have a massive aquarium in the hotel set up to look like the city of Atlantis. It's very cool.

A little hair braiding of course

After we got back to the boat the kids found our first towel animal. It was an Elephant.

Next day Half Moon Cay. The best and everyone's most favorite thing about the trip!

We rented a cabana for the day. Joe hates being out in the sun. It came fully stocked with food and drinks and snorkle gear. The beach sand is soft and white. The water is the most beautiful blue ever and it's not cold. The kids are there in the water. They spent the whole day in the water. The waves were strong so they would sit on the shore and the water would pull them out. It's the little things.
I sat and read for hours. By the way the new Dan Brown book is GOOD!
Our boat in the background.

The Arch

The Feldmans came to visit for the weekend while they were in Iowa visiting Janice's family. It was nice to see them and have them in our house instead of us taking over theirs like we do every summer! I worked the whole weekend so Joe took them out for a good time and I met up where I could.
The view of IL
If you are going to build a landmark that allows you to see things on all sides perhaps making it so there is something nice to look at would be good. That is a casino, trains and industrial yuck. Plus scary downtown East St Louis
Looking straight down

St Louis
Busch Stadium on the left

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Falling Behind

Sorry for the lack of posting! Between working, school, band, basketball and the new house we have been pretty busy. We are officially out of the old house but we are still in some boxes here at the new house. The Feldmans are coming this weekend to visit and luckily the room they will be staying in (Kelsey's) is the one room that is 90% finished. So here is what's new.

Jon made the 7th grade basketball team hooray! It was stressful for me. Tryouts were every day with cuts at the end of each practice. Then the coach posted the roster Sunday night. So stressful!

Alison started clarinet. She is adorable! She goes twice a week. She's having fun.

Kelsey is busy being a teenager. She is always coming and going. Loves the dances and hanging with her friends. She is an avid vampire book reader lol. She has a lot!

Josh is a happy camper since we moved. His friend lives down the street and so he has someone to play with every day. Josh is doing well in school and looks forward to Thursday's when he can have PE. He has to be active or he is bored.

That's about it. Joe is doing his Masters and that keeps him busy. I am working and trying to multitask like Joe. It's getting better but I still hate it.