Sunday, July 5, 2009


I wish I had more to put on here but alas our summer has been pretty boring. No big trip home. No fun day trips. Not a whole lot of anything. So lets see... June held baskeball camp for Jon. He did good and won the free throw contest and the most points in one minute with 43. We also had Fathers Day. That was Corned Beef and cabbage and cheesecake plus cards breakfast in bed etc.. Jon also spoke in Sacrament meeting on Fathers Day. He wrote the talk and did a good job.
What else? We swam a bunch and saw some movies. Boring. But now we are in July so hopefully this will be a more eventful month. Kelsey and I already changed our hair so that's something!


Does it make me a bad mom that now I think we should add blue highlights?

Mine's not as exciting just went a little redder