Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Texas Trip

We made an impromptu trip to San Angelo to see the fam. It was a long 14 hours both ways but it was worth it. Jeremy and Steffanie have Scottland (who I got no photos of) and Samantha. Tyler and Michelle have Shaylee (also no pictures), Cayden, Addy, and Zachary. We had so much fun playing with them that we didn't take enough pictures especially with the kids all together!

Addy and Samantha

Kelsey taking close up of Samantha


Joshy and Zach

Jon and Zach

Josh and Cayden playing the Wii .
This is what they did for 5 hours while we all sat around talking.


Jon reading to Addy

Game of chase turned into a wrestling match.
It was hilarious! Cayden could not get enough.

Cayden holding his own. Plus he had a secret weapon....
Farts hahahaha