Monday, January 25, 2016

Uncle Des & Aunt Lorraine

My favorite Aunt and Uncle are in Edmonds, WA. I just love them and have missed them being so far away all these years. My Aunt isn't doing very well and was in a rehab facility trying to get her health back in check. I thought a road trip was in order and boy am I glad I went. I took my mom and Kelsey. We had a great day!


Desmond still super handsome at 93!

Lorraine is the prettiest lady I have ever known!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Shawn came to town! aka the Beast

Joe's brother Shawn is the best. I was so happy he and his wife Traci came to visit. 

 I think Joe and Shawn look more alike now than they ever have!

The Beauty and the Beast!

Steffanie's baptism and Tyler was in town!!!

This weekend my sister-in-law Steffanie got baptized. Tyler flew in for that. It was really fun being together again. I gave the talk on baptism, Kelsey prayed and Alison & Josh (with the other grandkids) sang I'm trying to be like Jesus. Great day!

 Still looking good!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Christmas and Skyping with Jon

Well 2015 ended pretty good. It's nice to be close to family again after 20 years. We enjoyed Christmas Eve at my parents and Christmas afternoon with the Feldman's. Jonothon didn't have internet on Christmas to Skype so we settled for the next morning. It was fantastic to be able to see his face and have him tell us some awesome stories. I miss that kid so much!

Jimmy is our Halloween demon baby. Janis made him a Santa suit and he got to stick around for the holidays. We love him!

Christmas Eve at the Caudle's
Bryce, Jennifer, Steffanie, Jeremy, Joe & Stephanie
2 of my siblings!

We were all playing a dice game my mom got us. Super loud & fun!

My parents with the grand kids. Missing 11

Merry Christmas from Alison and Kelsey!

Christmas Eve Jammies

Even Jon is in the pictures!

Elder Saucedo & Elder Garry

Elder Garry live from Honduras! So good to see him and have lots of face time!