Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Falling Behind

Sorry for the lack of posting! Between working, school, band, basketball and the new house we have been pretty busy. We are officially out of the old house but we are still in some boxes here at the new house. The Feldmans are coming this weekend to visit and luckily the room they will be staying in (Kelsey's) is the one room that is 90% finished. So here is what's new.

Jon made the 7th grade basketball team hooray! It was stressful for me. Tryouts were every day with cuts at the end of each practice. Then the coach posted the roster Sunday night. So stressful!

Alison started clarinet. She is adorable! She goes twice a week. She's having fun.

Kelsey is busy being a teenager. She is always coming and going. Loves the dances and hanging with her friends. She is an avid vampire book reader lol. She has a lot!

Josh is a happy camper since we moved. His friend lives down the street and so he has someone to play with every day. Josh is doing well in school and looks forward to Thursday's when he can have PE. He has to be active or he is bored.

That's about it. Joe is doing his Masters and that keeps him busy. I am working and trying to multitask like Joe. It's getting better but I still hate it.

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