Wednesday, August 6, 2008


My mom was here for a few days and I wanted to do something fun. We went swimming a couple times but mostly the kids just played games with grandma. It's their favorite thing to do when she comes. Anyway, we wanted to go to the Zoo and fiigured if we got out of the house early enough we could miss the heat. WRONG!!! Oh man was it hot. As we pulled out of the driveway the dj on the radio announced that there was a heat warning for the day and with humidity it would feel like 110. Nice. So armed with lots of water we headed to the zoo.
These are some ways we stayed cool

We made sure we found places in the shade.

We saw the Sealion Show. Afterward the staff turned the hoses on and sprayed guests as they left.

We spent time inside the Primate House. (Alison's hair shows the hosed down look)

And lastly we spent a long while visiting with the penguins and the puffins. Their habitat was freezing and it felt sooo good!


Rachel Keller said...

I have to say I do not miss the Eastern US humidity-yuck, give me WA rain anytime!

Warren Caudle said...

This reminds me of when you were younger and we would head to the Portland Zoo and then to Salem to Steve & Maribeth's, grab all their kids and off to the Enchanted Forest for the day.