Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Six Flags

Joe took Monday off and we went to Six Flags all day. It was a nice little break and a fun way to kick off school which starts Wednesday. Joe and the kids (minus Kelsey) love rides. They could go all day and they did. Kelsey and I are more stay on the ground don't die sort of people. Kelsey went on a few rides with Josh and did Go Carts with Joe. We all did the water rapids. So funny. We got soaked! I sucked at taking photos sorry!

Kelsey and Joe driving

The video is of the Superman. Joe and the kids were on the far right so I couldn't get a good shot of their faces but they said it was pretty freaky.

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AHH! I went on a ride like the Superman at Lagoon in Utah. This one SHOT UP. When you'd get to the top, it'd linger for a couple seconds way up in the air...long enough to feel my stomach start coming up to my throat...and make you so scared you couldn't even get a scream out until the way back down when you swallowed your stomach again, HAHA!!