Friday, September 12, 2008

90 and Skinny

So I am volunteering at the elementary school for Library and Computers. Yesterday I had the 1st graders in Library. So cute! They were all staring at me and commenting how tall I was to each other. Granted I was standing and I was wearing a boot with a heel. So I was taller. Then when I sat down to read this was the conversations:

little boy: "Wow you must be 90!"
me: "90? Years old?"
little boy: "Yes because you are so big!"
little girl: " Yes but she is so skinny!"
As you can see the little girl was clearly my favorite. Thinking about having her follow me around making such incredibly accurate comments lol.


Rachel Keller said...

You are skinny, but you don't look 90...more like 25!

Haley said...

That is hilarious...what an intelligent and perceptive little girl :-).