Sunday, November 16, 2008

Primary Program

I love the Primary Program. I hate the prep but the end results are always a treat. The little little kids are always sooo cute with their loud singing or misspoken words. Everyone in the congregation is either laughing or crying because it's just so darn sweet! And lucky for Kelsey since Joe got released from Primary she didn't have to sit alone. The other 3 kids and I were all in it.
Josh had a speaking part and his class sang the verse of "Home" that says "Home is where there's father with strength and wisdom true. Home is where there's mother with all the children too. " Cute.
Alison had a line and then all the Activity Day girls plus us lady teachers sang Childs Prayer. That song makes me cry!
And then there was Jon's. He had 2 speaking parts. Then the Valiant Boys plus the missionaries got up and sang Called to Serve. It was neat to see these 11 yr old boys with the missionaries.


Rachel said...

That sounds so cute, I wish we could've been there. I love it when they sing Child's prayer, I always cry too!

Timani said...

I like the Primary Programs!