Wednesday, December 26, 2012

12 Days of Kindness Day 8

Day 8 Kindness: Say Hello to Strangers

In Sunday School we were discussing the importance of welcoming new members and ensuring that nonmembers and members both feel welcome in our ward. I realized that I am hands down the worst at this! I am aware that I need to do it but I don't. Not saying hello to someone who is in our midst for the first time can quickly make sure they are never in your midst again. Or, if they have to be around us (i.e. at work), our first impression with this person probably isn't the best in the world. Even further, ceasing to say hello to someone who has been in our midst for a while can be damaging in the long run. Not at first, of course, but eventually that person may not feel cared for by those who no longer greet them.

I would argue that one of the best questions to ask yourself when thinking about what it looks like to welcome the people around you into your midst is, “What makes me feel welcome.” When I think about what makes me feel welcome in any place, new and strange or old and familiar, someone saying hello and recognizing that I am there is right up at the top. There’s plenty of other stuff, but a regular greeting can trump a lot in this world.

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