Sunday, March 15, 2009

We want Blizzards

Our super awesome neighbor gave our family 6 tickets (excellent seats) to the St Louis Blues. He works at Scotttrade Center as the building manager. This is (for the non St Louis folks) where the NHL hockey team St Louis Blues play. Joe and I used to go to hockey games in Tri Cities back in the day and Joe took Jon once to a game in San Angelo. Other than the Winter Olympics we really haven't done hockey in a while. I love it. It has to be live though.

When we got to the game, Dave (neighbor) grabbed Jon for a quick tour of the building. Met some people, got a game puck, Blues hat. He already has two signed hockey sticks.

It was free food night at the game but we all know that Kelsey doesn't eat...come to think of it I'm not sure who ate her food... huh...anyway, so the photo is of Kelsey's attitude and the one thing she did eat or I mean drink.. pop.

Alison and Josh were more excited to be there

Now after the game got started all the kids really got into it. Even Kelsey was having fun! Well partly because of #74 TJ Oshie

They announced that if the Blues scored 5 goals then everyone would recieve a free Blizzard. When we had 3pts the game started to take a turn for the worst and the other team started scoring. We scored again and the crowd was going nuts. The new cheer became "We want Blizzards" It was loud and it was often. There was only 1 min left in the game and WE SCORED!!!!!!!!! Oh man it was crazy. Oh and Josh and I made the big screen!

So for the $10 we paid for parking we got
Free game, dinner , dessert and memories

Thanks Dave!

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looks fun guys!