Saturday, March 28, 2009

March Madness

Not basketball ,although I do love that, rather the birthday's of my 3 younger kids. Here are some of the photos from the birthdays.

Jonothon March 17....12yrs ...Jon had friends over to hang out but I failed in the photo department.

Joshua March 18....7yrs. Josh had a couple friends over did the birthday thing then went to see Aliens Vs Monsters. After Josh's party crazy me planned Alison's party. This picture is of Josh and his friend Robert and Jon's friend Trevor getting ready to put on a show for the girls.

Alison March 29...10yrs. Alison had this crew over for cupcake decorating, dancing, concert (courtesy of Jon and his friend Trevor) Here is a little video of Alison's friends jamming to Taylor Swift.

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