Friday, October 10, 2008


We are still here. Just really busy. Jonothon tried out and made the 6th grade basketball team. Being the good mom I am I was sort of hoping he wouldn't make it. Kidding! But it is one more thing to do lol. So currently Jonothon is doing soccer (a practice and a game every week), basketball (practice 3 times a week), scouts and he signed up for a chorus group at school. He does chorus during lunch twice a week and one early morning practice. So maybe Jon is busy and I just drive alot!
This week has also been sick week. First Josh got the stomach bug then Kelsey then Alison. But on the plus side...all the bedding has been washed.... several times..... and I am only down to 3 more people to get sick.

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Rachel said...

Good times Steph-you are a great mom for driving your kids everywhere! And many other reasons too.