Sunday, October 19, 2008


Joe is in Florida for a week at a conference. Lucky dog! I figure since he's gone... and can't tell me not to.... I will spotlight him.

Joe was born in Spokane WA and spent the rest of his "Before Stephanie" life between Kennewick WA and Umatilla OR. After graduating in 91' he continued working and started college. That's where I come in!

November 1993

Joe and I met while we were both working at JCPenny. I was a credit catalog girl and Joe did display. I'd seen him before but I was too busy flirting with the stock hands to pay much attention. One day at work the phone rang and one of my coworkers said it was for me.

He said "Hi this is Joe and I work in display. Do you like kids?"

haha I didn't know who this guy on the phone was but I was so sure I was going to have to break his heart right there with a nice version of I am way too cool for you so don't ever call me again.

I said sure with the question of why in my head. He said that he was putting on a haunted house and needed volunteers. He asked if we could get together after work to tell me more about it. My arrogance faded.

We met that night and after telling me the details and what he wanted my part to be we spent the rest of the night talking and talking. He made me laugh and I loved that. He was ambitious. Even though he didn't have the best life he made every opportunity count. I admired that about him.

That was October 14 1993. We have been inseparable since. We got married in May of 94. Kelsey was born in May of 95. Joe joined the Air Force and left 2 weeks later for Basic Training.

Joe at Basic Training Graduation July 1994

Since then the boy who had never left the Northwest never gets to go back. We have lived in Washington DC, Maryland, Texas, Germany and now Illinois. He has been a writer for the base paper then editor. He cross trained into computers but even that's not what he's doing now. It's top secret. He'd tell you but he'd have to kill you.

Things you may not know about Joe:

  1. He decorates our house not me
  2. He colors my hair (I like changing colors)
  3. He can draw very well
  4. He is artsy craftsy
  5. He makes really good lasagna
  6. After these next set of classes are finished he is going to start his doctorate so we have to call him Doctor... Dr Joe. Kelsey says it has a nice ring.


Rachel said...

Go Dr. Joe!! I love your dating story, you guys are so perfect for each other!

bensfm said...

Doctorate in what?

Haley said...

This was so fun to read! I love hearing about your family!