Friday, March 9, 2012

Americas Got Talent

Soooo..... America's Got Talent came here to St Louis. I was able to get some of the free audition tickets for Friday evening. It was a 14 and up event so I took that seriously even though Alison was very upset. I took a half day and pulled Kelsey and Jon out of school and grabbed Jon's friend Trevor who had been pulled out already. We had some food and headed to St Louis. We got parked and in line by 3. We stood in line for an hour playing the alphabet game and making fun of people that we saw. More PC people would call that "people watching" but let's just call it as it is. 2 girls in the same exact cowboy boots need to be mocked from afar!
Around 4 they decided to let us inside because it was so cold. We were standing in a very organized line until they decided to split the line then realized that the previous audition audience need to leave the theater some how and put us back in one line. It became a free-for-all with everyone rushing up the the front. All that time in the line for nothing. So I came up with a plan. I told Jon and Trevor to start scooching up and when the doors open to save a seat. Well they would open the door and let a few people in at a time then close it. Trevor made his way pretty far and ended up with one of the other groups. He was on his side saying "oh I lost my party how will we get back together." I was on our side saying "oh no without cell phones (which are forbidden inside) how will I know where he is seated. He's not even my kid." lol. Pretty soon I hear "who is with the kid in green?" Not surprising a lot of people started saying "me! me!". PLEASE!
Anyway.....we got pulled through. Eek! We ended up 13 rows back from the stage and on the end. They came out and announced that the judges would be coming down OUR AISLE!!! Oh my gosh I am such a dork but I was so excited.

Howie Mandel was the first host down the isle. I knew he was a germaphobe so I wasn't expecting him to touch people but he was standing behind a guy with his hands on the guys shoulders while the guy was giving fist pumps for Howie. Weird!

Sharon Osbourne came down second and shook Jon's hand. Jon said she had the softest hands he has ever felt. She is very short. I am tall so most people are short but she is a tiny lady but very pretty!

Howard Stern was the third judge down the isle and Jon got a fist pump. He is so unattractive but still very cool to see him in person.

Nick Cannon is just a fun as he seems on TV. Kelsey kept yelling his name it was cute. There was a moment we thought he might take his shirt off. But no such luck lol
 Because we weren't allowed to have cameras or cell phones I don't have any pictures. The acts we all over the place. Kazoo group, team of chicks on stripper poles, a father daughter act, karate group, a cowboy with whips and a harmonica, a talking dog ventriloquist act, a couple singers, a girl who could cry like a baby, a kid who did voice overs and a belly dancer. I am sure there were more. It was very fun. A couple acts I know will make it on the show for sure.

So super long story made not so short if you watch the show it airs in May and we will be the St Louis auditions. Can not wait to see if one we make TV but two to see how the show is edited for all 3 days of auditions.

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