Monday, February 27, 2012


Like everything else in my life I wait until Joe helps, prods, leads, takes over etc. I have wanted to get our food storage and 72 hour kits together but I always postpone. This year our tax return went to food storage. I am so excited and I will post pictures when it arrives. Also for Christmas we got everyone backpacks for 72 hour kits and we are slowly filling them. I need to just buckle down and do it. Joe has been reading and watching a lot of prepper books and shows. He's adorable! He has also started a blog to show all the fun stuff he's been doing. He made soap and a really cool stove made out of a pop can. He made enough of the stoves for each backpack. This past weekend Joe made bread and butter the old fashioned way and I forgot how much fun it is to make bread and the kids couldn't get enough of Joe's butter. They were eating it on everything. This weekend I am sure Joe has something else for us to make. We still need to clear out a space for our food supply. But anyway, check out Joe's blog!

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