Sunday, December 18, 2011

Quick update

I last posted in July after we went to TX to visit the fam. That was fun. Joe redid the basement while we were gone. That's the best way to do a remodel! After we got home a lot of things happened. I realized I hated my job and I missed my kids soooo I quit my job at Children's Place in September and started working for PNC Bank. I love my job! I am home every night and I am off every Sunday and all holidays! The Sunday thing worked out great cause Joe and I got called to co teach the 12-13 yr old Sunday School class which I just love. It's Alison's class!
Here we are one week til Christmas. Tree is up (in fact 2 trees are up) gifts are bought wrapped and under the tree. We are on top of stuff this year! I even got Christmas cards set! We are doing well. The kids are happy and healthy. We are in a lull between sports and Alisons plays. That's fine by me. Less running around after work and school. We are planning on making 2012 our readiness preparedness year. Our goal is to have our year supply of food and our house in order. That's the goal!

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