Sunday, May 31, 2009

Holiday World

We decided to take the kids to Holiday World in Santa Claus IN. The kids had fun. Unlike Six Flags there are not a million people trying to ride the same ride you are. The kids never had to wait more than a couple minutes for a ride. Many rides they jumped on over and over again. We did the ride part Thursday and did the water park on Friday.

Jon and Josh

Joe and Alison

Joe Jon and Alison
These are Joe's kids. Spin them, drop them, flip them over... back in line they go!

Kelsey and Josh
This was their ride. They did it 20 times I'm sure. These are my kids nice and safe and not sick to their stomachs!

Josh a little cold
The weather wasn't quite warm enough for the water rides. That didn't stop the kids though!

Kelsey waiting for Jon and Alison so she could ditch Josh and have real fun. Love you Kelsey!

Jon is trying to avoid the sun we finally got on Friday.

If you notice...Alison is in hardly any photos. That girl loves her a theme park. She came back twice. Once to eat and the second when we told her we had to still drive 3 hours home and we had to go. I know she wishes we lived next door.


Rachel said...

hey we had lunch with your dad this week. Love the pictures, I need to update so badly!!

Timani said...

FUN! That water ride is my favorite @ California Adventures.

Krista said...

Did you ever go to Holiday Park here in Germany? It made me think of it. Kelsey is looking more like you all the time. How do they grow up so fast? I still have pictures of your kids with mine when they were little at the Bostalsee!