Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Quick update

Joe- Torn meniscus? Again? Hope not
Stephanie- Not working... bored bored bored
Kelsey- Boy who calls all the time, black nail polish, Speech on legalizing drugs (Love it! Now she's fun!)
Jonothon- 4th in bball tournament out of 15 better than last season, straight A's, chick magnet
Alison- Grand Canyon Project, Wesley(oh so dreamy), pillow maker extraordinaire
Josh -First place runner, 100% Spelling tester, Lego Star Wars champ


Timani said...

Kelsey sounds FUN...good luck with that!

Garry Family said...

I have to admit it was my idea for a speech. I have opinions and Joe does not agree. It makes me wish I was in Social Protest again.

Krista said...

That IS quick. Tis the time of year that it is hard to find time for blogging!